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Not Just Knots

Custom Name Muletape Halter Elite

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**Email us @ to begin customizing your noseband**

Noseband is crafted from Quality Hermann Oak Leather.
Here at Not Just Knots your horses comfort matters to us.
which is why we are so proud to share our all exclusive Not Just Knots Muletape Halter Elite design with you all!
*What is a Muletape Halter Elite?
Our Halters are made out of soft, silky, durable 2000 LB Muletape.
We took the traditional Muletape halter, and implemented two interlocked rings that slide freely when pressure is applied.
The traditional Muletape Halters shifting IS A THING OF THE PAST!
Our new and improved design allows a functionality of Muletape Halters that has never been seen before.